What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a new way of doing healthcare that is taking America by storm. Thousands are starting to flock to it and millions are starting to ask about it. This is a new way of life in regards to getting quick medical assistance at a very affordable rate. Americans do not have to have insurance in order to benefit.
Telemedicine is defined on as “the practice of medicine when the doctor and patient are widely separated using two-way voice and/or visual communication.”
This new way of treating patients is important for many reasons. One is that there are 44 million people in this country that have zero health insurance. It is estimated that over the next 10 years there will be a shortage of 45,000 primary care doctors. Neither of the stats sound good and the forecasted primary care doctor shortage is enough to get anyone’s attention.
There are a few 24 hour a day telemedicine companies that offer unlimited access to nationwide medical support teams via phone. The best ones provide patients with immediate access to registered nurses and board certified physicians for all non emergency medical concerns. When appropriate, and with sufficient information, some doctors may prescribe medication 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (Note: Physicians do not prescribe DEA scheduled drugs.)
Some of the telemedicine companies give participants access to a library of audio on 800 health topics including topics like diabetes prevention, weight loss management, nutrition and more.
Even fans of alternative healthcare are looking to participate. A plus side is that one does not have to have health insurance to participate. Telemedicine companies can actually help save both the insured and uninsured time and money on unnecessary emergency room visits and prescriptions. Patients can now have immediate access to qualified medical advice and/or information in order to get peace of mind. The least attractive part about telemedicine is the co-pay which is approx $35 or so and there is a small monthly fee. But in the grand scheme of things one can see how a telemedicine program can save time and money. It also seems that part of the 44 million Americans that don’t have health insurance can now access quality healthcare.
Telemedicine testimonials are piling up fast with success stories. No longer will patients have to leave their homes when they are severely sick to go sit in a waiting room. The time has come where one can make a phone call in order to gain peace of mind, talk to a nurse, consult with a doctor, answer a few questions, and get medication prescribed at a discounted rate all within a three hour period.

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